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The Stobart Group



The Stobart Group are also supporters of our initiative.

Neil Marston, head of Health & Safety at Eddie Stobart said:

“Eddie Stobart is traditionally at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the training of its drivers and safety on the road. Our support of the Cycle Alert initiative will hopefully help to get more truck operators using the technology which has obvious road safety benefits.”




Keltbray have supported this initiative from the very beginning. Keltbray has a strong record of supporting road safety initiatives. As part of this work, Keltbray supports Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police with their Exchanging Places events, where cyclists can climb into the cab of a lorry to understand a driver’s view of the road, and potential blind spots.

This fits in perfectly with the Cycle Alert ethos of encouraging two-way understanding between cyclists and HGVs.

“Continuous innovation to improve road safety is key, and we see the Cycle Alert system trial we are now championing as an integral part of our future strategy to help ensure all road users are safe,”

explains Keltbray’s Haulage Operations Director, Adrian Scott




iCity is a European funded programme to build an open data and open infrastructure urban platform that will deliver data and enable remote control to citizens in European cities of London, Barcelona, Genoa and Bologna.

Sita Suez



Sita Suez have trialled and provided detailed positive feedback on the efficacy of Operative Alert to increase on-site safety

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